Ty Caton Trio

Ty Caton Trio

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    1 Ty Caton 2003 TyTanium
    1 Ty Caton 2003 Zinfandel
    1 Ty Caton 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon

TyTanium? Going to have to look into this…

Interesting trio. We’ll see what the good folks @ Ty Caton have to say…

TyTanium? Any insights?

This is a bit entertaining:


About our winemaker

Coming soon

??? What is this immaculate vinification?

I just turned 21…like 10 minutes ago, and I tried to woot, but it said I wasn’t old enough yet. Do I have to wait a day or something? I was just wondering. Thanks.

2003 Ty Caton

2003 Ty Caton

2001 Ty Caton
Cabernet Sauvignon

from the Ty Caton website.

I predict a fast sellout on these. Great wines from my experience.

Direct sale from the website is $84 plus shipping. Even if you signed up for the wine club, you would still have to pay $67.20 plus shipping.


FWIW, from Wine Enthusiast… The first number is the rating—if you use that sort of thing.

86 Ty Caton 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Valley $24
86 Ty Caton 2003 Tytanium Red Blend Sonoma Valley $39
83 Ty Caton 2003 Zinfandel Sonoma County $24

just ordered one…looking forward to it!

I’m up for 2. Looks interesting

Looks interesting, I’ve tasted a Cab/Syrah blend from another winery that I liked quite a lot.

Probably has to do with it not being the 29th everywhere yet. I bet at 12am pacific you will be OK.

Looks interesting, will be watching for more info. Another $50+ though, whats this 6 in a row? I understand good wine comes at a price, but I could do with something inexpensive to drink on a whim.

Yeah. I’m gonna try later on in the day. G’night everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m getting an error that says:

* Order denied.
* Address verification failed.
* Please check your billing information.

But I haven’t changed my address, and all my woots have gone through fine in the past!

This looks like great wine – I want a couple and it looks like I may end up with none!


When I look for something to drink on a whim, I usually pick up a bottle of MD 20/20

woot toot!!

I’m in the same boat. I want a couple, but it says my address can’t be verified, yet nothing has changed. What gives?

Well, Indiana is aced out again. I think thats 3 or 4 straight weeks now. Between this and Randall Graham’s recent announcement that he will no longer ship wine club shipments to Indiana I’m beginning to feel a need to reinvestigate my local wine merchants. Which is, of course, precisely what the lawmakers, or more importantly, the distributors, had in mind.

This one looks good. Ya’ll enjoy. I’ll be sitting over here. . .empty wine glass in hand. . .feeling sorry for myself.

Good Morning, This is Ty Caton. I just got off a plane from San Francisco to Orlando. I’m a little weary right now. Tytanium is a estate blend of Cabernet, Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Merlot. Very unique.

This is a great offering. The 01 Cab was awarded the double gold medal at the 2005 SF Chronicle Wine competition in the up to 29.99 category. The Sf competition is one of the top competitions in the country. That means every judge thought this wine was the very best. Let me know any questions you might have. I’m traveling the next couple days but will check in on the woot whenever I can.