Ty Caton Ty’s Red - 3 Pack

Ty Caton Ty’s Red - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2009 Ty Caton Ty’s Red
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$32/bottle on the website. $25.90 avg ct value (at the moment)


Son of a …

Ty Caton Ty’s Red - 3 Pack
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Edit: Hah!! Slawdog beat Mill!!!

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Ty Caton Ty’s Red - 3 Pack
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No brainer… I’m in

Hmmmm… at least we were spared from a case offering. I might be able to squeeze 3 in somewhere.

Fresh Ty. Ready to Drink or should this sit for a while?

I don’t even want to touch the '08s yet. I am thinking these are going to be way young.

alright… seems like everyone is going for one… never tried this, should I buy one? i’m a pinot noir, and cabernet drinker

Duh. In for 3… Even after spending too much at Solano Cellars.

Hmm. Good question. It will hold for a couple of years, but the '08s are just dandy now. Maxed for a reload so I can drink up and finish off a few more 08s.

Delicious. Thank you Ty!

If it’s Ty, it’s an auto-buy!

first first sucker ever! awesome

Ty seems to release his younger than most wineries. I’m still holding on to all my 2008 Tys.

i just picked up my 500 bottle cabinet today and it’s looking mighty empty. PERFECT woot to remedy that! :slight_smile:

Finally something I can get excited about!

Found this on their FB page:

cjsiege is busy and without Internet (Darn Work), so here’s the

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4/16?:SoCal #16: Raiding Sparky’s Wine Lockers
4/16-17:International #1: Niagara Winery Hopping
TBD:Arizona Verde Valley Winery Weekend
TBD: NoVA/DC #23: Spring Fling

5/7:NorCal #9: Peninsula/South Bay
5/14:CyberPub Cellars Bottling Session #3

6/4:Buffalo/WNY #6: Bubbly and Sushi

TBD: NoVA/DC #24: Churrascaria!!! Large, Grilled Meat!!!

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Opened my first 2008 a couple of weeks ago against a skirt steak rubbed with Java Gourmet. It tasted damn ready to me. That said, I was planning on holding the others at least until the end of this year.

Unlike the weekend Chard, NONE of the early buyers are first-time wooters. Long-time wooters are jumping in with both feet. That would be a clue that this is considered exceptionally good stuff.

It’s a primarily Syrah blend,. I think that’s probably between the cab and pinot noir, and probably right up your alley, but not (according to reports…) something to drink this year.

definitely looking forward to more Ty. have to limit myself to one unfortunately.
off topic, i havent seen any Iron Horse on here for awhile.
night all

I would be surprised if we’re meant to sit on this. Anything under $20, to me, really should be ready to drink now, even if it can also be held for a few years.

The 2008 was awesome. No need to sit on it, but again, you can.