Tyco RC Stunt Psycho

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Tyco RC Stunt Psycho [New] - $15.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Tyco R3045 RC Stunt Psycho

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Kids.woot is taking over…


It’s crap, but not the kind I’m looking for…

is this the carp?

kids woot YAY!

generic “this belongs on kids.woot!” post #65468434135186

I didn’t really worry about it too much before, but there actually does seem to be an awful lot of kids items in this woot-off.

Way better than the NASCAR… In for 3.

burnt onion cheese

you waited 3 years to say this?

What is psycho is this woot awefull!

I think the more people complain about kids’ stuff, the more kids’ stuff we get.

waving jedi hand This is the crap you’re looking for. Buy 3.

Can someone please buy all of these? kthxbi

someone stole my avitar!!!

Here the video


Not exactly fun looking, but the music is great!

what the french toast?!

Doubtful…they only let you buy 2 of these…wotsup with that