Types of Captains

I’m still laughing with Captain Cancelled!

Okay, this is pretty darn cool.

No pi day shirt?? It’s even a Friday pi day!


I just voted for that like a day or two ago… it must be mine.

I … really want a bowl of cereal now. >.> Especially that cereal.

Look at you. You are the captain now.

“Cancelled” hahahahaha wow A+

It feels like a pitch for the next reality show: Twelve Captains, where captains all compete to win fame and fortune.

Definitely needed a pi day shirt.

I have to admit that I’m lost on Demoted…

What a Captain Picard but no Captain Kirk?

I’m lost too. Got the rest of them fairly easy, but not that one.

Yeah that one alone is worth the price.

Poor Mal.


It’s captain Phillips

Same. I feel like it’s going to make me scream once somebody tells us, but I just can’t place that one.

DAMN! I KNEW I’d feel stupid once I learned who it was.

Captain Demoted, should be Captain Rescued.