Types of Captains

When I got to Mal, I cried a little inside…

I got them all except “Immortal” and “Demoted”. I’m going to feel so dumb when I find out who Immortal is supposed to be.

Immortal is Capt Jack Harkness from Torchwood. Demoted is Capt Philips.

Who’s scruffy looking!?

ETA: Love the design and I know there’s always more Captains that could have been added. Missing one of my fav captains, could have called him “musical” perhaps…

Could’ve been a baker’s dozen with Captain Caveman…can we get that one on the back? :smiley:

I just can’t believe there is no Captain Obvious. #obviouslybummed

That’d be Captain Han Solo.

Why don’t I recognize who Captain Cancelled is?

Captain Hammer would be “Neutered”

Picard, Solo, Ahab, Sparrow
Planet?, America, Crunch, Harkness (Torchwood)
Kangaroo, Phillips, ???, Mal (Firefly)

Who the heck is Wasted???



Turn in your Geek Card … That’s Capt. Malcolm Reynolds of Serenity (Firefly).

大象爆炸式的拉肚子 ・ Da-shiang bao-tza shr duh lah doo-tze

Morgan. The Rum brand.

Although Captain Cancelled is funny, I would have preferred Captain Tight Pants. :slight_smile:

In case anyone doesn’t know, here are their names from left to right, top to bottom:

Captain Kirk (Star Wars)
Captain Apollo (Battlestar Galactica)
Captain Ahab (Moby Dick)
Captain Morgan (Rum)
Captain Planet (Heart ring was best)
Captain America (Fantastic Four)
Captain Crunch (Walmart)
Doctor Who (Captain of the TARDIS)
Captain Kangaroo (Australian kids show)
Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks)
Captain Blackbeard (20k Leagues Under The Sea)
Admiral Nathan Filian (Castle)

Really like these colors too, super wearable. Great work, Rad.

It’s Captain Phillips.

I thought the last one was Firefly; Malcolm “Mal” Reynold, not Castle (same actor)

Are you sure #4 pirate isn’t Captain Jack Sparrow?