Types of Captains

Types of Captains

Is this a fabric paint silk screen or a computer print to shit?

We do digital printing. We have some of the latest printers in the industry.

Thanks TT. Y’all used to do the shirt of the day in proper old fashioned fabric PAINT via silk screens. I’ve been impressed with what you can do via computer printing, but it will never replace my love for fabric paint on T-shirt. The computer printed stuff also remains

sticky, and sometimes the colors are wrong.

Which is the newer digital printed version in your picture, the left or the right?

Now that’s a good question. The colors are right on our left (the one with red in it), but it’s got that still-sticky feel to it, so now I’m uncertain. I’ll have to find another pair where I liked the original so much I bought a “digital reprint” but didn’t like the looks as much as the original.

I ask because in transitioning the art from screen to digital, a layer may have gotten lost. We are looking into it on our end anyway, if you can tell me the brand names of the shirts i can figure it out!

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They both have the exact same two tags: shirt.woot! “made in Honduras”

I don’t get the second from the left on the bottom, could someone help me out on that one?

Am I the only one disappointed that Captain Caveman was left out? Hmm…image|365x500

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Or okay who is the Captain picking up the litter, I would have go the shirt except that one is not nice looking

I started off taking you seriously with this list and was going to correct you but then I read it more closely. Never mind.


Slightly confused now.

Sorry, I thought you were joking with some of them. I love Admiral Nathan Fillion. The list (starting top-left, going left to right on each row):

Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek), Han Solo (Star Wars), Capt Ahab (Moby Dick), Capt Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Captain Planet (kids cartoon), Captain America, Captain Crunch (cereal), Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who), Captain Kangaroo (kids TV show), Captain Phillips (movie, person), Captain Morgan (rum), Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds (Firefly)

I believe all of the above is correct.

2014 was an odd year.


And anyways, that wasn’t my post. :wink: