Typhoon My Mini DJ 2.2GB MP3 Player



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product(s): 1 Typhoon My Mini DJ 2.2GB MP3/WMA/OGG Player 83090
condition: New
14.99 + $5 shipping


does anyone already own this?


compared to last nights product, this is gold… wonder how long before it sells out… still got useful linkage w/ comparison links though… yay.


Great deal, great price, too bad I already have an MP3


True drag and drop without installing drivers for windows ?


2.2 gb?


I got one of these wootoff before last. Had to send it back, as the battery would not hold a charge. Awkward interface, funky graphics. If you just want to goof around with it, for twenty bucks, you might get lucky. Then again, you might get my old one.


Isn’t this the one that consitantly fails to sell on Woot? Ugly…really ugly…

Showing 71.85 on froogle.


Edit- be sure to actually click the link in the description about the manual. Good laugh before sleeping.


i love the european plug :slight_smile:


Is there any chance anyone knows if this thing will do recording in stereo?

The specifications say:

Encode: MP3 (64,96,128,160,192bps) formats


External voice recording (DVR) of high sensitivity including line-in

This would be a hell of a 2 GB digital recorder if the quality was any good, and a heck of a device for recording binaural stuff if it can record in stereo.


that’s my question as well if anyone knows. :slight_smile:

ie… will it appear as a drive?



Ogg makes it tempting, but not tempting enough to replace my 1st Gen nano. Looks too clunky, but if you’re in the market for an MP3 player, OGG is one of the better compression qualities.


Looks like an insulin pump…


OGG also kills battery life fast.


wait, wait…English isn’t stated on the front page…?


did you have to use the software to load songs? or did it show up as a drive?



Aye and we wait. Watch. 15 bucks drag and drop 2 gig would be a nice gift.

At least 20MB free HDD space for installation of Application <-- seems like no drag and drop. How about an SD slot ? Maybe a model number ?


this seemed like a good woot. i am in for three…makes a good cheap present the nephews and nieces that are too young for Ipods


English Manual…