TYR Sport Mesh Shorts

Pricing seems to be good.

$25.95 here:

Can anyone find any reviews on these?

Does “inner mesh lining” mean they’re like running shorts or swim suits, or are they more like basketball shorts which require, um, additional support such as underwear?

Woot is calling them board shirts, and the company site refers to everything as Swim sizes. I’m going to say they’re swimming trunks.


Woot is calling them actual shorts:

They have sizing charts for different types of clothing along the top. Here’s the sizing chart for the shorts:


But still, no XS? C’mon woot. 30" waist size is pretty common. Even with a drawstring, if I have stuff in my pockets these things are gonna sag if I go a size up.

Point, thank you for catching that.

It’s not a basket liner like swim trunks. It’s a full liner, like a basketball short. So, you’re going to want some more support, unless, of course, you’re more of a freebird.

It kinda looks like the pockets are sewn to the inside. I play tennis, and I hate it when I pull a tennis ball out of my pocket and the whole pocket comes out with it. Are the pockets fully secured to the rest of the shorts so they won’t come out?

I suggest you be more careful when you pull your balls out. It’s just good form.