U-Boat Watches

What’s your favorite style here?

Amazing! Watches designed to not poke you with the stem when worn on the left hand!

Are these authentic? Do they come with serial number cards?

Authentic what? These are basically costume jewelry.


I like the watches.A friend has one (he paid significantly more). The only problem I have is the name “U-Boat”. It just brings up a negative image in my mind. For an Italian watch you would think they could have come up with a far better name. If they ever re-brand the watch under a different (better) name I’m in.

Are these manufactured by U-Boat and do they come with SN cards? I realize these are their older quartz models, but as your link suggests, they are still collectible. Even these older models are still going for $900+.


So you want me to buy a watch named after a German submersible warship that tried to kill my grandfather in WWII?

Crazy world…

Well we do have other stuff for sale, too. :slight_smile:

Yes, they are authentic. The serial #'s on the quartz U-Boats come on the case. The serial #'s on the automatic U-Boats come on a card.


The 52mm dial really comes in handy on those occasions when you find yourself in a buffet line and in need of an extra plate.

Seems to me these are made for lefty’s… I don’t think I could wear a watch with the winder on the wrong side…

I think these are just old models that never sold. I’ve found several articles indicating that the first watches that U-Boat manufactured were mostly equipped with Japanese, Miyota quartz movements.

Im seeing some things posted online (without pictures though) that these could be their very early models from around 2004.

Please let us know what you find out. It seems Woot has already taken down your initial message.

Woot, please let us know if you can tell us anything more about these. Thanks.

I took it down since it may not be accurate.

These are apparently very early model U-Boats (2004/2005) before they switched to Swiss movements. TimeKeeperForum.com

The information is very limited. Ive been following U-Boat watches for at least 5 years and havent seen any of the models Woot is currently selling.

This. The name is pretty off-putting, like asking me to buy a watch called the Panzerkampfwagen.

Interesting. Thanks for the link. While certainly not fine timepieces, I think they’re still attractive.

You are correct, these are older models. The ones that U-Boat makes now are automatic and a great deal more. These are the quartz models that were discontinued - that’s why you won’t find them on their site. You will, however, find them on other sites selling for much more than we are selling them here. Once they are gone, they are gone. It allows some to get into a U-Boat at a reduced retail, or allows others to collect older models that aren’t around anymore.

Thanks for being a watch hound and checking the sale out!