U.S. Pumice FLEX-12 C Flexi-Scour Scouring Screen

U.S. Pumice FLEX-12 C Flexi-Scour Scouring Screen

This is a seriously abrasive product. Pumice is EXTREMELY hard, same Rockwell numbers as CARBORUNDUM (common wet sand paper) and will absolutely leave scratches on whatever you use this on. Might as well just buy some sanding screens from Harbor Freight or any of the bulk abrasive supply sites, probably cheaper too.

If you need something that will get most things clean and possibly not scratch it (especially if you don’t use much “elbow grease”) try “Bar Keeper’s Friend”.

I have included a link to an Amazon listing so you can see the product, its’ varieties, and read a little about it, I’m not necessarily recommending buy it there as you may find a better deal elsewhere, and probably only need the powder (gold canister)

I’ve been using this for over 40 years (yes I am THAT old - born back in’56) and while it WILL scratch some surfaces, I’ve had great success when I don’t over do it but instead let it do the work.

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