UA Men's Charged Pursuit 2

UA Men's Charged Pursuit 2

I just ordered the black style, but anyone know the difference between that and black black black?

I’d go for the black black black since there’s a picture for that one and non for just black. I actually got mine the other day for $60 on Amazon. Bummer…although not so bad since mine was an extra wide and not being sold here. They also went up $10 since I bought them. I love how they feel compared to 2 other UA running shoes I bought. I am extremely picky with sneakers.

No difference. Screw-up on our end. Drop down has been updated now.


Anyone know the significant difference between these and The Surge 2 that was selling the other day? All I can tell from the pictures the Treads are different: otherwise, they seem nearly identical

UA Men’s Surge 2 - $38.00 - Free shipping for Prime members UA Men's Surge 2

Sadly, just missed pulling the trigger on those as I got it in my cart but it was sold out by the time I logged in and checked out…