UA Men's Raid 10-inch Shorts

UA Men's Raid 10-inch Shorts

These are not genuine Under Armour. You can clearly see in the sizing, labeling and stitching. Everything is way off. Do not aware you’re money.
I can’t believe Amazon would be involved in counterfeit stuff like this.


Hello. We talked with our vendor who says they are authentic. Possibly they were manufactured for a large retailer. They will often stipulate certain items they want in their inventory.

I agree. I just got 2 of these that I ordered. I have purchased all my workout clothes through Under Armour and never have I seen such BAD QUALITY. Especially on the stitching and labeling. The long sticker that shows the sizing left an enormous amount of adhesive after it was peeled off.
The UA logo looks very bad. All the inner stitching is very bad and is already coming off. FYI I just opened the package. The sizing is definitely not under armour sizing. I have purchased many of their products throughout many years so I know. These are clearly NOT Legit UA. I am very disappointed on this purchase. I am not one to ever leave negative comments on a product but this one I could not let pass. I hope Amazon contacts the supplier and does something about it. Thank you for reading.

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These are my first UA-branded items. I am not super experienced with these, so I understand some skepticism, but these are some of the lightest, most comfortable athletic shorts I’ve ever worn. I have a hard time believing that this material is easily available from counterfeiters. I’m probably going to buy another pair to see if they are of comparable quality (as sometimes items can sometimes have some fakes among the good stuff).