UA Original Series 6" BoxerJock 2-Pack

How the hell is 2 boxers for 27 dollars a deal?.. I can find better on clearance at ANY retailer… 4 pair for 10 is commonplace at TJX

shrugs at the UA store this pack retails for 35 bucks, free shipping. This is technically a deal, but not by much. I’m sure if someone spends a lil energy they could find some kinda UA coupon and they could knock 5 bucks off the price at the UA site-And that’s at UA.

I was debating whether this was a good deal for 6 @ $27. Definitely not just 2.

For me, these have been the best boxer brief style out there. I’ve bought others but haven’t found any as good. They also hold up well. I will say these aren’t the best deal. I’ve bought a few pairs from TJ Maxx/Marshalls for $10/pair or less.

In April 2017, Woot sold five 6" BoxerJocks for $40. While one pair was a bit smaller, the rest have been fantastic.

I’ve been wearing this brand for years. The 6" leg is my preferred length, and I upgraded/replaced the entire set a few years back when they went to a flatter wider waistband.

The heather colors tend to fit a bit smaller. Quite a bit, actually.

Otherwise, I have no complaints. $20/pair is the usual retail price and two-packs for $35 is also typical. Beyond that, I rarely if ever see store coupons or sales (on or offline) that don’t exclude UA as a brand. $13/pair is a deal on these, IMO.

Since they’ve been on w00t! so much in the last few months, I suspect a redesign is coming.

Good deal or not, I’m in for two black ones. Also, I’m a Chicago area native who voted for New York pizza in today’s poll. I have shamed my people.

No fly?

I hope these are as good as the reviews, if so it’s a great deal. Quality boxers are going for $20-$50 a pair these days!