uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0 -2 Colors

Conan & Won: You both posted different models.


No I’m all set,thanks.

Does anyone know the difference between this model (9835) and the model you get elsewhere (9209) from Amazon, Bed, Bath, Beyond, or the manufacturer website? The controls and appearance are different in this model.

I can’t find a review on this version which makes my toes curl and reject massaging.

Thank God they aren’t refurbs.

Sorry for the delay. Vendor confirms it plugs in, no batteries.

I wear a size 15. Will my Gun Boats fit in there??

I thought this was the joke product of the day. A unislipper or something.

Ha! Kinda hard to walk, unless your goal is not walking.

Anybody have one of these (or similar) and like it? Can diabetics use this one?

I got mine today. It really works! So relaxing and my feet do feel so much better. I suggest always wearing clean socks in it so you don’t have to try to clean the foot holders. It’s going under my office desk for daily use (I work from home).