uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0 -2 Colors

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uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0 -2 Colors
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I got this a little over a month ago and I mostly like mine. I probably use it 2-3 times a week (15 min a shot). So far, it seems well made.

However, one thing to be aware of…If you have tender/sensitive feet, you probably won’t like this at all.

There are 5 levels of pressure (It inflates a bladder above your foot to add warmth and press your foot down on rollers below) and I have never gone above the 1st level because sometimes, I can barely stand it at the lowest level. Personally, I don’t know how anyone can go above level 1, but I’m sure someone needs/wants that higher level or they just have smaller feet (I’m size 11) and the added pressure might not be as great.

Tip: Wearing clean cushy socks can help mitigate the pressure and keep massager cleaner.

Bed Bath and Beyond has the same thing for $149. However, they have 20% off coupon. So the total would be just $120.

Bed Bath has the first version… Woot is selling the second generation


I want one of these in the worst way, but I researched the question/answer section on Amazon and it appears it won’t work for me.

I wear a size 15 mens, and I was guys down to 13 say it didn’t work for them. Wish it said in the product description somewhere on size accommodations.

I’m probably missing the ‘obvious’ answer, but does this plug in or use batteries? Also, does anybody know how loud it is? (I’m thinking for one at the office.) Thanks everyone!

I have size 11 feet and I probably have at least an inch or more of room at my heel. The biggest problem might be the bigger foot will make the pressure of the foot massager unbearable.

At size 15, I certainly wouldn’t get it.

It has a power cord much like a laptop charger with a cord going into a brick that has a cord plugging into a port on the bottom edge of the massager.

Oh, and it’s not very loud.

Thank you for correcting me. However, I still not able to find out what is the difference beyond appearance? Ucomfy does not list this as v2.

Mine is very load, seemingly when the bladder is inflating. I do not know if mine is the exception or the rule – but I would not use it in an office.

In reading a few reviews, mine seems to be the exception with how loud it is; I guess I should contact Woot or the manufacturer.