UConn - NCAA Champions!

So, UConn wins the NCAA basketball championship and you sell their stuff 30 mins after the game ends. The Seattle Seahawks win the freakin’ Superbowl and we get zilch…I tell ya no respect.



This is the third time the team that beat Iowa State has won the NCAA Tournament. I can only imagine where we would be, tonight, if ISU would have had Georges Niang, on the night they played UConn.

Congratulations Huskies!

Yay sports, do the thing win the points!

It’s the fifth time in 10 years for Villanova. So… yay?

Want to even guess at the licensing cost difference between NCAA and NFL gear?

Did you miss this sale?

So I guess all of the UK stuff will be in the next Bag O Poopy right? I’d like to get some to send to the guy that got the tattoo.

Probably sent to Latin America or Africa

Yes I do. 22.5%

So the UCONN Women’s team goes 40 - 0, wins the championship for the second consecutive year, 9 times over all and I see no love for them in this merch. Rodney, what’s your line again?