UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

I didn’t buy them here, but full price from the phone store. Actually, bought 2! It was upwards of $500 for the pair, plus tax.

You can pair them up and they’ll fill a room - great bass sound, very full sound. Not “tinny” or “whiney” like a vegan at a barbecue joint! LOL! (in case my niece, the vegan, is reading this - that’s for you!)

Seriously good sound! Full disclosure, I listened to all they had, including the small version of this, but none compared - and I actually work in theater - lighting but I do enough sound to get in trouble - and these were much better than I expected.

They have an app and it’ll turn them on and pair them, and then you can run the music from your device via bluetooth - or through a regular headphone auxiliary jack. I believe the limit is 100’ for the bluetooth, but I haven’t tried it.

They’re waterproof and have a little D-hook on the bottom so you can hang them up while you’re at the lake, chilling on your pontoon boat, drinking an adult beverage, enjoying life…

They hold a charge for a long time - like almost a full day of music - they sound incredible, and this price is a whole lot cheaper than what I paid!

If I didn’t have these two already, I’d get them here. I use mine mainly at work for ambient music, but I have used them in my apartment, and using just 1 fills the kitchen/living-room/dining-room with no problem, using the 2nd fills the bedroom/bathroom as well. Not saying you won’t get complaints from neighbors, but if you’re listening to something awful, you might.

Just my two cents on these. I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed mine!