UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker

Which model is this one?

Waterproof : IPX7 rated: Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM can be immersed in water up to 1m for up to 30 minutes.

I highly suggest testing this day one as I’ve had two refurbished megabooms break immediately on being introduced to water. I am apparently not the only one. There have been many reported that the refurbishing process is removing the waterproofing capabilities which lead to failures. So please, do yourself a favor, and test it day 1 before you find out outside of the warranty that it doesn’t work.

Outside of that, these are absolutely awesome. There are a few issues with them that I have run into over the years but nothing too major. My speakers HATE kodi, and I have 4 of them. None of them work at all with a laptop running kodi. As soon as the movies start, the sound goes in and out and the movies freeze. Everything else works fine, so typically I need to download the movie and play them through VLC or something similar, then it works.

Hard to find a better bluetooth speaker especially at this price.

I really liked the black and grey one I got from Woot a few weeks ago. Very cool look to it compared to the standard coloring.