UFO Detector


UFO Detector


Will it detect large belt buckles. I live in OK and large belt buckles, and their owners tend to frighten me a bit.


Would this also detect alien zombies?

We’ve had problems with a few of them hanging around my barn lately…


I’m curious the response from Woot on this because as it happens we have alien zombies that wear ridiculously large belt buckles and steal your Cheetos when your sleeping. This might be just what I was looking for.


Are they magnetic belt buckles? If they’re that large and magnetic, I doubt they’re moving much further than the first metal doorway.

It’s my understanding that your run-of-the-mill alien is immune to zombification so you’d be good with this as your detector.

Now that just silly. Everyone knows that aliens prefer Doritos.


I prefer Doritos, too. Does this… does this mean I’m an alien?


why does the Discuss This button, no longer show the amount or number of replies on it? I no longer click on it because it shows nothing. Laaaaaame. Trying to hide whatever enthusiasm/un-enthusiasm people have for a product?


We need new code for that because of the new forums. The count will return.


This is what NASA uses, folks; only they paid about 100,000 times more for theirs. Get ‘em while they’re hot and cheap.