UGG Men's & Women's Shoes

Hey Woot: Under the Women’s size 9, I was looking at this item Can you clarify if this post is correct? The pictures are all for the Bailey Button, which are boots, but the price and title seem to be for the Ansley, which are slippers. I want the boots, but am concerned that what I think I’m ordering is now what I will be getting. Can you check on this?

“Hey! Nice UGG boots!” - said no one, ever.

Under Men’s UGGs you have those boots that every woman in America wears. Is this some sort of April fools joke? (checks caldendar)


Do guys SERIOUSLY wear them?


A. A brand of “Shoe”
B. The sound I make when I see what some companies charge for their “shoes”.
C. All of the above.

They must think we are sheeple if they think we will buy slippers (on sale!) for $80-100.

$227 for boots made in China? You’re a little overconfident about how much I value name brand over common sense.

These prices are still high. Check your local outlet centers for UGG stores. This time of year boots will be at least 1/2 price. I bought 3 gorgeous pairs of UGG boots, 2 slip on shoes and things for my 2 sons and daughter at their discount store at the Woodbury Common Outlet Center in NY State Looks like they now have two stores in the large complex. (Try to go mid-week or early on week-ends. It’s worth the ride for us. We also use the Ellenton, FL outlet when in our St Petersburg waterfront condo but they don’t have UGG yet, lots of other designer stores. To check for your local center You can do a lot better than the W00T prices. If you don’t want to go shopping, then order for the 20% off here. :slight_smile: I Luv UGG! Did I say, I Luv UGG? I rarely order from W00T anymore, no long Luv W00T with missing orders galore and lack of CS replies. I’ve lost hard earned money and we don’t like that to happen. W0W W00T, how things have changed.

No reply to your question? Tsk Tsk W00T! I bet ya my 1st post brings them over here cmiddl01. :wink:

How would you best describe them? “Uggly!” Horrible joke aside, I just wanted to comment that I have the men’s Ascot slippers and they are very comfortable, now. When I first got them, they were very tight for their size, but over time they have stretched out to fit correctly. Some people may not have the patience to wear them in, because they are very snug starting out, or at least mine were. I wear size 12.5E dress shoes and ordered size 13 Ascots, the width was as tight as the length.

I would just like to add that this seems too expensive, especially for the Chinese-made men’s boots. At this price point you could get some really nice U.S. made boots, especially if you find them on sale.