Ugly Dark Sweater

The Dark side for Christmas? No, no! No…el… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great Print, Congratulations, Walmazan! :slight_smile:

This would be awesome if it was a sweater.

I wish it was at least a long sleeve shirt!

Put it out as a sweater or at least long sleeve sweat shirt and I am in.

Sweater or hoodie?

A great win and perfect timing, congrats :slight_smile: Walmazan

Does Disney expect payment for profits on this?

Now that’s UGLY! Congratulations!

Would’ve been tempting to go just red, white, black but the green brings the jolly!

Congrats on a big 1st place win, W’!

walmazan rules the ugly sweater category. Congrats on another classic.

OMG, it’s Gorgeous!!! I would be on this in a second if it was offered as a sweater instead of a tee.

In for 4. The whole family needs this!

I don’t believe walmazan knows how to set a vcr clock…thats stretching it…

+1 for the long sleeve shirt! Keep looking but none have surfaced yet…

Congrats! Not ugly, but a winner, none the less. Great design!

I bought my son an Ugly Sweater shirt last year from Woot and that one came way smaller than expected, but he squeezed into it.
So this year I planned on ordering a size up. The description says the Standard “Runs a little loose”??
I got a Kids 12 for my son, who normally wears a 10. This barely fits him.
I also ordered a Men’s Small that is definitely not loose or even a little loose. It was a gift for someone who usually swims in a small but I was afraid the Kids’s 12 wouldn’t be enough. This one is so small he can’t even wear it.
Material is cheap as well.

Best thing is to measure a shirt that fits the way you like and compare that to the size chart. Allow a little for shrinkage.