Ugly Fall Sweater

How come an ugly fall sweater is only available as a sweatshirt or a tee?

SQUIRREL SHIRT!!! Bonus, pumpkin.

Yes, Ugly Fall Sweaters are a thing now. :^)

Thanks so much for the Editor’s Choice - and everyone who voted for this last week (there were a lot of you!)

Congrats Spiritgreen! A worthy editor’s choice.

Ugly Xmas Sweaters are a “thing” although dying as the humor is finally wearing off from the 90’s mocking the 70’s. Ugly Fall Sweaters is no more a thing than Ugly (insert anything season, event, holiday, etc. here <-- )

Since this is not a sweater, the senseless humor would be even further diminished.

Now as you write a pithy response. I didn’t think this t-shirt was actually ugly at all. Colors work for fall and it captures the season. So if I needed another t-shirt, I would consider this one. Alas, I do not.


The ad title needs changed.

That’s the design style - ugly sweater. Quite popular to buy “ugly sweater” design shirts these days.

I want this as a throw!

My disappointment with this t is that the fair isle pattern is not possible to knit. Stitches are on a diagonal. I kind of love it and would like an actual sweater like it.

I could give a fox.

Congrats on the editor’s pick! I was very surprised this didn’t place in the derby. Beautiful work.

Yep! I agree. :slight_smile:

I agree with both of these statements. I see that something is missing though, the Editor’s Choice “Thumbs Up” ribbon. I hope that gets added to the shirt. :slight_smile:

I only see this in a tee and not the sweatshirt shown. I would love the sweatshirt. In fact I would love it if Woot offered more sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts and hooded jerseys. I have so many tees, it’s time to change things up. Plus it’s freaking cold where I live. :wink:

Alas, the sweatshirt was only available on the debut day.

Keep an eye out for the Woot plus side sales, though - it may show up again!