Ugly Holiday Sweater 2016

I get the Woot ugly Christmas sweater/shirt every year. I have every one since 2008. This one is a disappointment and not something I can wear to ANY of my Christmas parties. My OCD says to get it anyways to make my collection complete, but I would never wear it.
Instead I’ll probably pass this year… And since I will have an incomplete collection, I’ll likely not come back again for one next year.

My thoughts exactly. The end of my collection.

What do you find so horrible about this shirt?

I don’t wear these shirts to be a scrooge. I wear them because they are unique yet still festive.

“Merry Whatever” just makes it sound like I hate the holidays and wearing something that says that is a big screw you.

Maybe the author implied that whatever was an inclusion of Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus and “whatever” else. But in my household, endings a conversation with “whatever” is the equivalent as just saying screw you.

My 2c.

This! Not buying this year’s makes me sad.

I feel the same…disappointed. I have many, if not most, of the past years’ Christmas shirts, but this one does read to me as negative/Scroogelike.

What about the Meh Christmas one? I don’t see it being any worse than that one. I kind of thought it was more a take on the fact that Christmas isn’t the only holiday celebrated this time of year, and since it seems that some people get upset about people saying Happy Holidays, it turned into, well Merry Whatever then.


You have a problem with this shirt but not the Grumpy Cat one that says ‘Meh Christmas’??