Ugly Winter Sweater Woot Info Post - well, it doesn’t look bad, per se.

Ugly Winter Sweater [equivalent with sin, uglinesswise] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Friday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Navy Woot Tee

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It’s an ASCII shirt!!!

So $5 and it gets delivered on Christmas day?

Unlikely. But if so, that may be worth it just to piss off the UPS guy.

woo hoo! I was close! I did say blue for this year, but I was thinking royal blue. I actually like this one this year.

that is ugly!

Finally! A holiday sweater shirt with moose on it. I have been waiting for this day.

I think I might hit the first person to buy this thing that is habitually thrown away.

Fabulous timing as always…

At least we know this one won’t be itchy, but can we guarantee it was crafted with love?

This is MY favorite yearly tradition. Is there anything else this time of year?

So will $5 get it to us on Christmas, or will it take Aunt Norma longer than that to knit them?

Hmm…I think my grandma might have knitted me that very same sweater a few years back…

I hear blue is the in color this year.

Here’s 2007 and 2008!

Ugly?!?!?! I find this shirt very beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the tshirt holder

ohhh, the memories.

mooses about to kiss

I LOVE my yearly ugly Woot sweater shirt… wore my red one to work today!

Moose Boobs!!