UK Woot site


there shold be a uk woot site fot Uk peopel so they would be able to buy stuff there shold be a way that they could


how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood


I hear the pound is pretty strong, you can always paypal me & I’d buy you item…

For instance, if you want an item that is $99 US, you can pay me 99 british pounds and I would gladly buy it & mail it off to you.


bwaahahahahaha good one killingtime!!


What a pal . . . .


Where there’s opportunity, KT is behind the door…

I read some of your blog…wow, you are pretty faithful to your writing, huh?


Um…gosh…I’d forgotten I’d put that out there…blush…and well yeah, I can’t bring myself to write about anything but trivialities. Don’t bother dwelling on those pages too much hehehe!


Obviously, you don’t know me well…

Don’t worry, I am not a stalker!

BTW…going to Nottingham, Birmingham and London at the end of this month and the beginning of next.


KEWEL! …but what for? vacation. business? A lot of my family are in Northamptonshire…Nottingham wasn’t bad. Was there once. You’ll love London though…WTF am I saying? I don’t even know you yet KT and I’m thinking you’ll love London…bwahaha! Silly cow that I am…never mind me. Enjoy and have a great time!


She’s going to a Cure concert.


A Cure concert…pfft…I should’ve guessed…Hehe! DOH!

Used to like them back in the 80s…couldn’t handle the bloody smeared red lipstick though lol


LOL…actually, poof - Depeche Mode and The Cure. What a coincidence, I saw them in the 80’s too…

This is my 4th trip…been to London, Bath, Bristol, Brighton Beach, Birmingham, Oxford, Stratford, Cambridge, Stonehenge, Avebury, Salisbury. First time to Nottingham.


Jaaaayzus Christ! You know England better than I…well…pfft…that wouldn’t be too difficult for anyone really as I’ve lived abroad in many countries…hardly know England at all :S


Kiora, just out of curiosity, do you pronounce your name “Ky-ruh” or “Kee-or-uh” or “Kee-ruh” or “Ky-or-ruh” or . . . ???


Well, in my book, I pronounce it: “KEE - OR - RAH” (I suppose that was your last one then: Ky-or-ruh but just wanted to make sure “Ky” wasn’t “K-eye” if you know what I mean! LOL) It’s Kiwi for Hello, good day…although I’m sure someone will come up with the true etymological meaning to shut me up…hehe!


Thank-you . . . so are you a New Zealander?


so sorry to disappoint…i’m one of those limeys from across the pond! hahaha…(wtf am i laughing?)


Then where’d yer folks dredge up a Kiwi name for ya?


well…i was in Christchurch, NZ in 1988 for 3 months but actually it came from the time (now this is sooo boring) i was delivering my first baby and i had to have a bottle of “Kiaora” orange juice beside me at all times…(that was how it was spelled on the bottle). It kinda etched itself onto my brain lol…then once i got into all things “internet” the need for a nickname arose and for years I have used Kiora. SInce the early 90s, many many people have used it and it seems to be very popular by the Japanese for some reason…it’s MINE damnit MINE (j/k)!! My own name begins with a “K” so it all just seemed to make sense …(to a warped mind like mine) :slight_smile:


Sorry, silly of me to assume it was your real name!!!