Ulti-MATE 10-Piece Garage Storage Cabinets

**Item: **Ulti-MATE 10-Piece Garage Storage Cabinets
Price: $1,399.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Take a further look at this at the Product Page

A handful of pretty good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at onewayfurniture.com

In for three. Just what my apartment needs.

calling your bluff

Looks like maybe it would make a neato kitchen set too eh?

The specs describes this is an EIGHT piece - the title and picture says 10… which is it?

That’s what I was thinking. I don’t know anything about all that stuff, but I’d like a kitchen with clean lines like that.

I see 10 in all places

You need to look at the “whatcha get” under the features. There are a couple items where you get more than 1 piece. The specs simply list the dimensions of different pieces, not necessarily how many of each you get.

On the pearl one, you do NOT get the rolling cabinet.

Instead you get an extra 3-drawer stationary cabinet. In looking at the pricing of the two cabinets (rolling vs stationary), it looks like the stationary sells for a little bit more, fwiw.

We have these in our garage, they are quite sturdy and look nice. I’d recommend them.

The only drawback is they are not as deep as some of our garage ‘stuff’, which we ended up storing on top or on another (brand’s) shelf unit.

Onewayfurniture.com might be a better deal

1699.99 with 15% with code sun15
Comes out to 1444.99 with 255 discount. Free shipping and no tax.

woot is 1399 plus 5 shipping and 125 tax is 1530

if my numbers aren’t exact but you get the point.

They don’t charge tax for my state so woot is cheaper

A friend of mine had her kitchen redone a couple years ago and I swear it looked like garage cabinets. Looked really awesome too.

Instead of 3x the Woot deal I just bought 2x 12piece from Oneway with the coupon code. Adding a rolling cart made it only $3500 with the 15% and I think overall I came out ahead on storage…

Thanks HANG!

You get a shipping date yet Jage? I went the same router through oneway, but they don’t have spectacular reviews on reselleratings or other sites over the past couple years.