Ulti-Mate Garage 3-Piece Storage Cabinet Kit

Is it me, or is this the same set being sold Here for less (with free shipping)

Unless I’m missing something, it’s $949.99 everywhere else (including Amazon) with free shipping. Why woot!? Why?

Soo disappointed woot… really need 2-3 sets of these but was surprised the price was above other sites…

Hey guys, I just sent an email about the price. I’ll let you guys know what I find out!

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Because Amazon is tricksy. I expect a “Woot will not be out done, lower price” post soon

by wayfair yet. they’re the most expensive when I check prices.

It was hiding in the closet and we finally found it. We found the right cost of $899.99. Someone may say its way not fair to adjust our price during the event but the Woot community is demanding, as they should be.

Who in their right mind would pay this amount for MDF.

$300/cabinet made out of closet lining material?! Seriously??

My thoughts exactly. It’s Ikea furniture. For the garage I’d want something strong like metal or corrosion resistant like plastic.

Ikea is better. This is garbage. I have a set in my garage with a shelf literally spilled out onto the floor because the tiny peg holding it up failed. Has failed twice before, now has 2x4 holding up the edge of the shelf. I’ll leave it with the house when I sell.

Don’t buy it.

If you want strong and corrosion resistant, stainless steel or polished aluminium would be much better than plastic.

I laugh at those little tabs made to hold shelves. If I’m putting 200 pounds of tools on a shelf, it’s going to have full-length support, not four pieces of cheap chromed pot metal holding it in place.


Plastic is far more corrosion resistant than Al or SS. Most low end SS cabinets a from CR 304 SS that is not passivated. The higher carbon content will inevitably result in rust. I’ve never seen an Al garage cabinet. Strength depends on the design and use of the material.

Wayfair has wrong price associated with item, I just called the manufacturer direct who confirmed it. The nice guy at BH/manufacturer said it’s on sale for $1,299.99, but I did find item at $1,295.99…on Wayfair’s main website of all places.

Looks like Woot adjusted price to a mistake on Amazon/Wayfair, one will never see this price or close to this per manufacturer - truly a Woot of Deal!!

Manufacturer rep also told me Ulti-MATE was just awarded Best Buy from Consumer Digest Magazine August 2013 issue. Brand gets great reviews and company been around a long time.

Please keep in mind that Consumer’s Digest is very different from Consumer Reports. Consumer’s Digest is known to have some shady business practices and their “Best Buy” awards are licensed to “award winners” for large sums of money.

I don’t mean to entirely discount this award, but take it with a grain of salt.

That being said, I recently purchased these and they do seem to be quite sturdy and are more visually appealing than virtually any other product out there; especially at this price. One thing I would recommend though would be to assemble them with a strong construction adhesive to increase structural rigidity and durability. Overall, assembly was quite easy.

If you look at much of the metal cabinets and shelving available in big box stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc., they do not have nearly the shelf capacity of these. Many of the metal shelf capacities are only 25-50 lbs; 100 at best.

Yes, there are nicer cabinets on the market, but the higher quality steel cabinets are often 3-4 times the cost of these and depending on your taste, not nearly as stylish.

If these are, indeed, the pro version of these cabinets, they are often priced considerably higher than the non-pro “Garage” version of these cabinets.

The respective differences between the Pro version and the Garage version are: 1" thick shelves vs. 3/4" shelves, 6" adjustable feet vs. 4" adjustable feet, silver/grey vs. grey/black, chrome satin 18mm diameter handles vs. brushed chrome 9mm diameter handles.


You can be the judge as to whether these differences are worth the extra money, but these are the Pro version for less than the Garage version price.

Yes, less than the “standard Ulti-MATE lines” 3-tall cabinet set, great point above, this is $100.00 less and you get PRO line.

Pricing on this “PRO” line set GA-30KPC got so low because of a system glitch on Wayfair site on Amazon as I understand it, all which has been corrected back to sale price of $1,295.00. I guess thanks to Wayfair glitch we have such low pricing from Woot and for Woot stepping up to the plate…says a lot about Woot - Go Woot!

Hard to find a quality oversized cabinets with radius profile of this quality for $300 each delivered, just go into Home Depot or Lowe’s.