Ultimate Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated

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Ultimate Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated
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How is this a tool or a garden item? Come on Woot, you’re really starting to disappoint me.

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Comments from the sale on April 11, 2015.

In the comments last time there was a good discussion about options for the wiring and the need for it to be GFI. One person said that once the electricity in the bathroom passed through the main GFI then the rest (including extension cords would be GFI).

Is that the case for the outlet in the bathroom ceiling fan? That’s the only outlet on the side of the room near the toilet. Could it be split to accommodate both the fan and the bidet? (I know the fan outlet is part of the bathroom circuit cuz the fan only comes on when the light switch is flipped.)


This does not belong in the garden, at least any garden I have interest in.
It could be used to wash dangly parts, which might be considered a tool? IDK this seems like a stretch to me… :(. Common woot, you can do better and we deserve better!

If you have a GFI outlet (it’s the one with the little reset and test buttons on it), it is true that anything on the circuit after it is protected by the GFI breaker in that outlet.

To know if it is on the same circuit, press in the little test button, which disables the outlet like it would in case of an overload. All light switches and outlets that stop working with the outlet in test mode are a part of the same circuit and should be considered GFI protected. Anything that is still working is not. Press the Reset button to reactivate the outlet/circuit.

You can find GFI adapters easily on Amazon or eBay. They tend to be big, yellow and industrial but better then getting a butt shock.

You could collect the waste water in a cistern and use it as a nice organic fertilizer/water mix. I’m sure it would help those rose bushes you’ve been having trouble with lately.

I would predict both behave badly when the other is operating.
My impression from talking to electricians is that bathroom GFI outlets must be on their own circuit to be compliant. my electrician tapped off of the GFI string from the kitchen wall behind for one of my bidets. If I run the bidet, the coffee maker and the toaster at the same time, the GFI on the parent circuit (the plug with the toaster and coffee maker) trips. happens rarely.
In my upstairs bathroom, the bidet and the fan share a circuit, the pitch of the fan changes as the bidet comes on…so my electrician obviously just tapped off of that circuit.
You get what you pay for, I guess. I had both outlets installed for $100 each.

Generally speaking, bath fans need not be GFCI protected unless they are above a shower or tub.

We deserve nothing! We are entitled to nothing!

Common Woot was better when it was really one item per day. We were grateful for what was offered and we didn’t feel we were owed anything better or worry about silly things like categorization.

I totally agree, woot was better when they did not offer the specialty blogs. Woot did what they promised, with a bit of humor. What bugs me now is the specialty blogs are hit or miss and don’t actually sell what they are supposed to.

PS: Dont forget, we are not only a customer, but advertising $ for woot. Our time and clicks drive the value advertisements that pop up on the right hand side of the page. Whats the point of coming to a blog, which rely’s in part on your clicks for $, if the content is not worth your time?

What specialty blogs are you talking about?

hello folks,

I have two replies in one here:
firstly to folks like jakesty and McLovin, Woot puts them in the category that most closely fits the item on sail, they probably figure that out of the sections they have, this most closely resembles a tool, one for cleaning oneself, if they could justify a separate “Bathroom improvement”, or more likely a “home upgrade and enrichment” section and it would make enough sales to promote it and keep it worth running it could go there, but they don’t have these so get over it, good grief

now to keriah’s question and schorert reply:
if you think carefully, attaching it to a split off the fan even if the fan slows a bit when the unit is used, is far better and sound wiring than a unit that can and occasionally does pop the circuit on kitchen appliances. eh? think hard and you should see my meaning. while slowing the bathroom fan is not optimal, but acceptable for such a setup, and the far better choice in this circuit tinkerers opinion.

so folks if you need to, either tap the circuit near the sink and run decent sized wire over to a certified unit (if you do a good search on amazon you can find a variety of these anti overload protection plugs, I saw white gray and yellow in the first 10 results along with several styles!) I would have an electrician split it off the fan, run it down and put a outside (they look a lot nicer) electrical outlet box down near the lower area around the toilet, and put a separate guardian circuit unit in that so your safe and powered up in a decent fashion that won’t inter fear with the operation of kitchen or other room units.

there are also a lot of methods to run the wires down, from colored and paintable flat strips that do not greatly impinge on the look of your facilities, to a more costly but less viewable running of a light flexible wiring conduit (I’d say a 1/4 inch [around 7 to 8 mm I think] would due nicely for this) that can be professionally run behind and across the ceiling from the fan and down the inside of the wall, with minimal impact (and a bit more trouble for the electrician, but a competent one should be able to do this with ease

just my thoughts,
the insane (but modern) elf