Ultimate Advanced Bidet Toilet Seats

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Ultimate Advanced Bidet Toilet Seats
Price: $267.99
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Time to learn all about biobidet

This is in Tools and Garden? Does it come with instructions for mounting on a riding lawn mower?

Good Reviews over at Home Depot

How long is the included power cord? I couldn’t find the length on the biobidet site or here.

According to use and care manual on Home Depot website it is 1.2 m or 3.937 ft.

In half those pictures, I can’t tell what I’m supposed to be looking at. Also, is it taboo to show what the thing actually does? I don’t mean the whole shebang. Just show the thing in action. Squirt, squirt.

What’s with Woot’s obsession with bidets?

Woot has sold some really ‘out of no where’ and ‘who the heck would buy’ items before, but I think this one takes the cake.
[]Who in their right mind wants to put their rear on a toilet seat that’s plugged into your homes electrical system? That whole water and electricity don’t mix thing… Ummmm
]Flushable wipes, they take a couple of seconds to feel all clean… How long do you have to sit on this thing while it does it’s thing? Better get yourself a bathroom Kindle also :wink:
[]Unsanitary… So, boys/men have awful aim. So now you’ve got this rather large control panel, which will distract most guys, giving them a new target, and then others are supposed to put their fingers on this control pad. NO THANK YOU!!!
]Moving mechanical parts… Good luck keeping this thing working for long. Keep your children, your childlike adult males, and your pets away from this thing… Shiny toys that clean one’s privates, bad idea Woot, bad idea :wink:

I think you are wrong on every count. I have a much less nice one and love it. These things are pretty common in other countries and they function just fine. They require GFC outlets so there’s no real danger either. That said the ad is missing crucial information. It sounds like it doesn’t require hot water, it should probably state that explicitly. Also it should state how long the electrical cord is.

Woot lists bidets fairly frequently. You should consider trying out one of the inexpensive non-electrical models or at least doing some research on the subject. Bidets are more common in Asia and Europe.

I had to return mine last time these were offered, but not before losing money to my handyman and to return shipping.

They DO NOT FIT all standard toilets as claimed.

I have two toilets that are completely different sizes and shapes. All standard.

The first one? The curves on the top tank forced the bidet forward. If you want to have 4 inches less room to not have your penis touch the front of the toilet, go for this.

We moved it to the other bathroom. It wasn’t quite as bad, but still. One less inch of room for your junk.

The problem was, the 2nd bathroom only had a 2-prong plug. These things occasionally electrocute people to death when not properly installed.

No thank you.

I won’t buy a bidet ever again without buying a toilet that is specifically paired with it and that fits perfectly.

Bidets on woot generally have two types of comment:

  1. This is stupid, who would ever buy such a thing?

  2. I bought a bidet and now can’t imagine not having one.

I’m firmly in the (2) camp. You almost never see someone comment, “I bought one of these, hated it, and now wipe with dry paper again”.

ClintJCL’s comment is one of the first exceptions to this rule I’ve ever seen. And I’d be interested in seeing this ‘standard’ toilet that this bidet won’t fit on, and hearing why he couldn’t spend ten dollars to put a GFCI in place of the two-prong outlet that was available.

As pointed out, this is far from the first time Woot lists a bidet seat.

[] Who wants to use these? Anyone in Japan, for starters. Even Japanese planes have them. I have yet to read a single report about toilet electrocutions in Japan.
]Flushable wipes are very bad for the sewer system and the environment.
[]Control panel: seems there’s some potty training needed in your home.
]Moving mechanical parts: mine has been working for years without a single problem. They should be replaced every few years, anyway. They’re not that expensive.

This is a good bidet seat with built-in water heater; all you need is a GFCI outlet, you can hook up its water inlet hose to the toilet’s water supply.
There are better models with remote controls and air filters, they’re obviously more expensive.
This will fit on any standard toilet (make sure you pick the right shape, round or elongated) however if you have a fancy model with an unusual shape it may not.

To be fair, you can’t just plop in a GFCI as a replacement for a 2-prong outlet. Well, you can but you’re not supposed to, because without a ground connection it won’t give you full protection, and running a ground line in old construction can be extremely costly. So yeah, he does make a reasonable point.

The question to who would want such a thing is easily answerable. Anyone who can appreciate a clean backside. Our family has non-electrical bidet adapters on all the toilets in the house. After using the unit we each tend to use 2-3 squares of toilet paper to dry off as the rest has been washed away. It has saved us quite a bit of money over the years in paper. In addition, bidets are supposed to help with hemorrhoid problems as well. I find it quite frustrating that our society is so uptight about bodily excretions that people will not even seriously consider an alternative to the wipe and smear method that they have been taught. This is why some women deal with husbands who leave ‘skid marks’ in their shorts.

Can someone do a cost comparison about how long it would take buying the biodegradable wet wipes that I use vs spending $273 on this plug in bidet?

I’m pretty sure in the long run, the biodegradable wipes are the better choice.

Never used one, but wouldn’t be opposed to trying it. It is a little hard for me to grasp how efficient it would be, having handled the business in that area for damnnear 40 years I fear I would sit there washing for ages. Again not familiar with using them so I could be way off. This price is a little steep for me to try it out, but maybe in the future I will grab one of the cheaper ones.

+1 interwebs point

Was wondering the same thing. Also curious why Tools and Garden… I think if I put this in my garden, I might get some complaints from the neighbors.

Bidets again? Wow, Woot! must be selling the $h!t out of these things.