Ultimate Fidget Block

Cheaper on the mothership


Oh hello there Wooters! Guess what? We dropped the price of this item. Yep. Dropped it like it was hot.

So, if you already ordered this thing don’t worry- you’re extra money will be headed back your way soon.

$23.85 for me with shipping and tax. $17.99 on amazon with free shipping on prime. (no tax for me either)


I bought one of the fidgit cubes on here prior and threw it out within minutes of arrival, one of the worst built products and was a complete knockoff of the actual piece.

It’s $12.49 (free shipping) on banggood, though the colors are certainly more…unique.

Is it suitable for young children?

Is it quiet? I just gave out a couple of cubes…and the noise about killed me!

The vendor manager wrote me back and said this:

“I have the sample on my desk. Some of the sides are noisier than others (those with buttons). 5 of the sides barely make any noise while the other sides make a slight clicking noise.”

Hands off the dodecalicious!

My favorite sides were the side with 4 buttons and the side with 1 button. However, there were some sides I really didn’t like and it ruined the experience for me. These include the rubber sides and I didn’t care for the switch either. In comparison, I would rather play with a stress ball or a pen than this fidget block.