Ultimate Mosquito Killer and Pest Control LED Bulbs -4Pk

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Ultimate Mosquito Killer and Pest Control LED Bulbs -4Pk
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5/14/2016 - $34.99 - Click To See Discussion (31 comments)

“No long chords to deal with.” Well, that’s a relief. I always got impatient waiting for “A Day in the Life” to end.

Fixed. And this.

How many lumens does the light put out?
Thank you.

“Energy Efficient usage of less than 10 watts of energy at 920 Lumen”

But… do they kill lots of skeeters?

What is the color temp of the LED?

Mixed reviews on Amazon.

How does the bulb kill mosquitoes? One of the pictures shows the bulb INSIDE a carriage light fixture. (This is a real question, y’all.)

That is what I was wondering… Wouldn’t you want this on an open fixture???

Note mosquito’s aren’t particularly attracted to UV light so this won’t work too well on them. http://insects.about.com/od/StingingBitingInsects/a/Do-Bug-Zappers-Kill-Mosquitoes.htm

The bottom of that fixture is open, bugs love the light, spiders love the bugs. So lights are always swarmed with a nest.

I agree, I can’t see how these kill mosquitos at all. Theres no CO2 generator, so why would the mosquitos fly into it?

It puts out all the lumens until total darkness.

The “cage” is actually 2 wire cages, both attached to the electric circuit. When a critter flies between them, it completes the circuit and Zap! it fries.

Will this also DELETE the local rabbit collection that’s eating all my vegetables?

Bummer. I was Googling for reviews and came across this link about bug zappers in general. Research seems to point to their ineffectiveness at killing biting mosquitoes, and even attracting more of them to your area.

I bought these last go around and am happy. There is a light right by my door and was swarming with flying insects. I wasn’t buying to zap mosquitoes, just the flies - midges etc. that were around front door. Each time I opened the door a hand full would dart in. After installing it resolved the issue completely. I have one inside too near back door. In for another set.

I’m assuming the light needs to be on all the time. Not very energy efficient if I have to keep the light on even during the day, right?