Ultimate Mosquito Killer and Pest Control LED Bulbs -4Pk

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Ultimate Mosquito Killer and Pest Control LED Bulbs -4Pk
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Amazon Reviews


Basically, UV bug zappers do not control mosquitos. They only kill other bugs, many of whom assist in the control of other pests.

Does this emit CO2 to attract mosquitoes somehow? It doesn’t seem to say.


Again! Hawking phoney products that WILL NOT WORK as claimed!

UV Lights DO NOT attract mosquitoes!

Assuming that this device could in fact attract mosquitos, why would I want to? Having to attract mosquitos in the first place, to then kill them is backwards. You will probably end up with more mosquitos than if you didn’t have any device, since it won’t kill all of them and now you have mosquitos hanging around your light.

If it was an LED with some electronic mosquito REPELLENT, now that would be worth considering.

I’m skeptical about it’s efficacy as a mosquito killer with no stated C02 output to attract them, but most Amazon reviews state that it somehow works. I’m in for 1 pack, if nothing else, it should help with me bee and wasp problem


I bought these earlier this year on woot. I had a bad mosquito problem. Really bad. This killed a lot of mosquitos, and moths. I cleaned it off once a week because it became encased in dead bugs. The first light bulb melted after a month and I zapped myself replacing it, so apparently the zapper part lasts longer than the bulb part. So it does work. But maybe not as well as you’d hope though.

Guilt? Surely you must be joking! The only good mosquito is one that dies before it bites me.

But I’ll settle for revenge after the bite as well.

How about a device that ANNOYS mosquitos? Turn the tables on them!

Don’t call me Shirley.

One would set this bulb up away from said party leaving said party bug-free.

Simple deduction my dear Watson!

These things work well enough. I’m more irritated that I just spent 80 bucks on 4 of them from Amazon a week ago. Bought 2, decided they were worth buying 2 more.

Read some of the Amazon’s reviews to see that this does NOT fit every fixture, as the bulbs are bigger than standard size. Read Amazon’s specs (since woot doesn’t bother to give them) to see the bulb size at 6.5x3.2 inches.

You miss the point. This is where you tell your neighbor that you want to do him a favor & give him these fancy bulbs. Then sit back & observe all the mosquitoes leaving your area

Aside from Mosquitos, how does this deal with Moths? During spring and Fall, my front door is practically coated with moths- like 20-30- when we leave a light on near it. It would be nice to have a light that drove them away instead of attracting them.

I purchased these bulbs and am very disappointed! For the price of these bulbs I could have purchased a bug zapper to hang in my yard! They have a VERY short life span. Three of my four bulbs no longer work and were only installed for about 4 weeks. Would not recommend.

Wanna get rid of mosquitoes in your yard? Don’t have standing water. Want to keep them off your patio or deck in the summer evenings? Use a fan. They can’t fly well in a strong breeze.