Ultimate Mosquito Killer and Pest Control LED Bulbs -4Pk

1zilla1, that is brilliant!

Correct, UV light alone. But any light (which includes UV/blue) will draw them in. I read somewhere where blue lights are used as not to be obtrusive to those out on the patio trying to enjoy a quite evening under the starts or just trying to get waisted waiting for the unsuspecting large insect to fly into one of those zapping machines and fry. Without having read the full abilities of this item or the other reviews, if it’s like the larger zapper I have, the light makes them fly into the rotating propellers to become mincemeat.

I can only imagine these lights flicker while it’s slicing and dicing it’s victim.

I have a UV zapper indoors by my Aerogarden. The tray is full of dead mosquitoes.

Only one of mine still work.

The LED lights on the others no longer work. Not worth the money I paid and nearly impossible to return.

We have a mosquito problem and I’ve tried quite a few remedies. The one that works best is just using a fan or two in the area you’re in most. Mosquitos are horrible fliers and the breeze just blows them away. Plus most people already have some fans around.

Don’t want to kill bees. Yellowjackets, ok, bees nokay.

Ordered these last time they were available, and every one I used outside (3 outdoor lights) has fallen apart in one manner or another. What good is an outdoor bug light that can’t stand up to summer?

Suspend a clamp light over a five gallon bucket that has water with dish soap in it. The moths will be attracted by the light and as they buzz around in the bucket they will touch the water, fall in and drown.

purchased on amazon at much higher price. it works great for me. i love it , works great indoors as well

I bought one on Amazon. The light fell apart after about 3 weeks in my garage. Not many dead bugs in the zapper. I call this one a dud.


They are probably midges. They look like mosquitoes but are harmless.


They totally work!

Cutting to the chase, They Don’t Work!
Do Bug-Zappers work?
Bug Zappers attract and kill thousands of insects over a 24 hr. period. Bug zappers do kill some mosquitoes. In controlled studies, mosquitoes comprised merely 4.1% to 6.4% of the daily catch. There was no significant difference in the number of mosquitoes found in yards with or without bug zappers. What is particularly disconcerting, however, is the number of non-pest insects that comprise the vast majority of trap catch. Many of these insects are beneficial predators on other insect pests. They in turn constitute a major part of the diet of many songbirds. Indeed, reduced numbers of moth and beetle prey species have contributed significantly to the decline of songbird populations in many affluent suburbs. Insect electrocution devices undoubtedly bear some responsibility for this phenomenon. Mosquitoes continue to be more attracted to humans than to the devices. One study conducted in homeowners’ backyards showed that of the insects killed by these devices, only 0.13% were female mosquitoes. An estimated 71 billion to 350 billion beneficial insects may be killed annually in the United States by these electrocuting devices.

I purchased four of these the last time I saw them on woot. I installed them in my garage and they do kill some bugs, but only 2 / 4 of the LED lights still work.

Can you give your sources? Thanks!

what is the color temperature of these bulbs; Cool white or Warm white?

Twinge of guilt?!

I feel like a freaking superhero. Ka-POW! Die, sucker, die!! Hahahaha!!

Maybe that’s more the supervillain.

Guilt-free, though. Guilt-free.

want to get rid of mosquitos, get a bat box.


A bug’s life is relatively short, these just speed thing up a little bit, for a few. Probably more get stuck on my windshield and grill, than zapped by these bulbs. If a bug was truly beneficial, it wouldn’t be bugging me, or floating in my beer.

Do not buy!! I got them last time and put them outside. Day 1 plastic cover falls off LED emitter, Day 2 emitter falls out of base and is hanging by wires. Day 7 LED quits working. Bug zapper blue light still works.