Ultimate Secret

That’s the blackest navy I’ve ever seen.

It’s obviously ‘fade to fit’

This shirt makes me want to cruise the Universe.

It is no secret, I love this design.

Congratulations piercek25!
You certainly deserve the Rory Award. Um, or was that Belgium?
Miss Douglas Adams, the only one of his kind.

Congrats on the win, Piercek42 — I mean- - Piercek25! :slight_smile:

I had to hit up the wiki, had no idea what this shirt was in reference to. Should I feel bad?

But now you have a reason to catch up, it’s never too late.

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be navy as that’s what it was in the derby but I’ve sent an email to find out. And texting to wake people up. :frowning:

UPDATE: Yep, it’s navy. And actually the pics are navy if you compare to a black photo. Our navy is pretty dark.

I think you meant It makes you want to “Hitchhike around the Galaxy” since it is the actual “Answer to the Ultimate Question” That Zafod, Ford, Trillion and Arthur went out searching for.

Thanks Everyone :slight_smile:

is there any chance there will be more XL American Apparel??

i would really like to get this, not sure how i missed it the first time around B^(

The status of our American Apparel supply is up in the air right now…

Bring back Size XL in Premium…I missed it before it sold out! /cry

I’m not staff, so I don’t know whether it’s an inventory issue or something else, but I did flag this for verification.

We got it back!! BUY ALL THE SHIRTS!!!

Tall versions, please. 3X is a halter-top, 4X is a tent (and you don’t have those either.)
(that goes for all the shirts.)