Ultra-Compact High-Speed Solar Charger 12000mAh

Does anyone know they amp rating on the output usb’s

Just got mine today and it shows 1A

Did not come with instructions so I’ll post my observations here:

1 - charge indicators are viewed from the end by the charging port but are difficult to see if you have a thick charging cable plugged in.

2 - No instructions on turning on the LEDs. Turn on = double-press of the side button. Each successive press changes between steady light, slow flash, and fast flash. Double-press again to turn off.

3 - Sticker reads:

capacity 12000mah
Solar panel 5V, 200mA
LED Power: 2.4W
Input: DC 5V/1A
Output: DC 5V2X 1A

Hope that’s helpful to someone!

Junk will not hold charge more than 24-36 hours, would return to woot but must return to Mfg. and hope for the best, and will cost additional $6.50 for s&h