Ultra-Compact High-Speed Solar Charger 8000mAh

My experience:
I bought one, I could not recharge, at home or solar. So, I trashed it. Did not even bother to send it back.
I made the same complaint before and I received a different one for free. However, this one does not charge in the sun either. I had to charge it at home or car.
Good luck if you by one.

Please make sure you always contact our customer service. We track complaints on items we sell. If you don’t tell us, we don’t know. :slight_smile:

You should always contact customer service. I bought something and it was defective so I contacted customer service. They refunded my money and I didn’t even have to send the item back!

Yes. Plus it helps us keep track of issues. :slight_smile:

Seems well constructed.
Slow to re-charge my pad. about 2 hours.
Slow to recharge charger buy daylight. 1/4 charged in 8 hours of sunlight.
Maybe better if I lived near equator. North continental US.
About 8 hours to charge by USB charger.
Better versions are out there but not at Woot price.

Bought one and charges things fine, recharges when plugged in fine, but I’ve had it sitting in a sunny windowsill for probably a month now, and it’s still at the same charge level when I put it there.

Worth it for the battery, but don’t expect it to do the solar charging thing.