Ultra HD Clear Vision Antenna

“kindly check product description to verify the available TV reception in your locality”

Okay. Where exactly is that?

There’s quite a few places to search but here’s one to get you started.

There’s usually a distance associated with the antenna. How many miles is this one rated for?

Answering my own question:

Amazon says 60 miles. Posters say it doesn’t get close to 60 miles and several that it doesn’t work at all.

Ok, that is truly a weird sentence. If you want to see what broadcast TV is available where you live, then visit tvfool.com or antenna web.org. These sites will provide you a survey of what is available based upon your location. They also tell you strength of signal and direction. I have a similar product and it works well and is omnidirectional. For me, the higher I mount it the more reception.

TV signals are similar to light. They don’t bend much. Unlike light, they do go through most things except metal and water, however, buildings and trees will diminish it. And, because the line of sight at ground level is 17 miles some signals may pass over your head. To solve this, mount the antenna higher. The 60 mile claim is likely the absolute limit and it also has to do with the transmitter signal strength. Compared to analog TV, digital TV is narrow, and broadcasters can use less power to transmit.


Lots of TV antenna information and tools for you to ponder.