Ultra Luxury Showerheads - Your Choice

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Ultra Luxury Showerheads - Your Choice
Price: $20.99 - 41.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Nov 10 to Tuesday, Nov 11) + transit
Condition: New


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Reviews for the 1436

Reviews for the Dreamspa 1482 color-changing over at Amazon

I’ve purchased 2 showers from Woot by Interlink - one is the very similar to the 1426. The diverter valve is fragile, and needs to be replaced every 6 months or so, even though I have softened and filtered water in the house. Interlink, to its credit, has replaced the valved without question every time I called. They even replaced one of the hoses when my son started leaving it hang without putting it back, and the hose separated at end. Very good customer service for sure, although you must call them during the daytime.

When the diverter valve gets a bit hard to turn, call them up for another one. They ship USPS, and by the time it fails entirely, the new one will be in your possession.

You can see my previous comments here

Hey, at least this time, Thunderthighs isn’t having to keep the forum PG-13 rated

I purchased one during the last woot offering in October. I chose the HotelSpa® 1436 for $23. It replaced my Moen 3 setting showerhead from the 80s.

I have no complaints whatsoever. A quality showerhead that is easy to install. It is made from hardened-plastic but it feels very strong and durable.

For $23 it has all the features of a $70 shower-head from a hardware store. I highly recommend it.

Is it just me or should the HotelSpa 1436 be labeled DreamSpa 1436 instead? No HotelSpa 1436 listed in the purchase options and no DreamSpa 1436 in the descriptions…

Robert from Interlink here. Thank you for the comment, we appreciate the feedback.

Probably! I’m checking in, they’ll make the change.

Anybody know if the flow restrictors are removable? My already low pressure + 2.5gpm restrictor = trickle.

Do ALL of the models light up or just a few?

Just the couple that note the color change thing: DreamSpa® 1482 & HotelSpa® Neon 1480.

Nothing says “Tools and Garden!” like ultra luxury showerheads.

Odd on my browser, there is no Hotel Spa 1436 under the model selection list, it seems to list it instead as Dream spa 1436 and does so in the picture as well. However in the item description and what everyone is saying, it is the hotel spa 1436. Is the dream spa just a branch product of Hotel Spa and is the same thing?

I noticed that as well as someone else…a few posts up, a rep/mod says they are looking in to it.

I second the diverter issue. I believe I have a dreamspa from a year or more ago and the diverter striped in 6 months. I purchased another one from a big box store for almost what I paid for the whole kit from Woot and the diverter doesn’t hold the handheld shower head correctly but it has lasted 3x as long as the original. I am happy with the rest of the kit though.

Just took my first shower with my 1436… I’m in love… <3 Seriously tho, I had a friend put it together and it seemed pretty straightforward, and i love the pressure… I was worried about the pressure because I like a hard pressure shower but this is perfect, and its so nice that i can switch settings.