Ultra Luxury Showerheads - Your Choice

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Ultra Luxury Showerheads - Your Choice
Price: $15.99 - 36.99
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11/7/2014 - $20.99 - 41.99 - Click To See Discussion (16 comments)

Comments from a previous sale

I got the 1831 during the last Woot sale. Love it!. The pipe tape they give you is a little sub par, just fyi, after a quick trip to the hardware store The thing has been running like a champ every morning since.


Regarding the collar that fastens the unit to the male end of the pipe from the wall; are these all plastic? I can’t seem to find one these days that isn’t plastic and have had two of them crack on my during installation.

It sounds like you’re tightening too tight. I’ve had that happen before and I’ve learned to not use Teflon tape with plastic fittings. Try ‘Pipe Joint Compound’ instead.

I haven’t been able to find one that’s not plastic. I installed one that broke within a few months of use (different brand than Woot’s). I’d gladly pay for all metal parts at the critical locations, but none of these are made that way. You buy them knowing you’re going to have to replace them in a year or less.

These are decent shower heads except for the “rain” shower head. The adjustment points are not capable of holding it up once it fills with water. It slowly sags down until it bumps into the wall. I’ve found no remedy. It’s just cheap. I do like the other models I have purchased, though.

does this also come with the hose?

Yep, sure does.

I bought the “HotelSpa 1436 36-setting Luxury 3-way Shower Combo” last time offered and basically wasted my money. A little note was included that said “BTW, if you have the type of shower arm with the ball on the end, these won’t work - you have to change out your shower arm”. Of course, that’s the one I had, but I thought, OK, what the heck, went to Home Depot, bought the new arm and installed it. Unfortunately, the new “luxury” shower heads were worthless, as far as I was concerned. The “36 settings” was a joke, and not the funny ha-ha kind. Each of the two heads had three basic settings, and two of them were very similar. Then, to add insult to injury, after about a month the main head blew its inner gasket so that only half the water came out through the holes while the other half ran out though the bottom front.
I didn’t even bother with the warranty - I yanked the whole thing out and threw it in the recycle bin for the next trash pickup, bought a new one from the mothership (different brand) that has been working just fine (and only cost $17, with free shipping).