Ultra Slim Rechargeable LED Light w/ Hook

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Ultra Slim Rechargeable LED Light w/ Hook
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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3/13/2015 - $67.99 (Woot Plus)

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4.9 Stars over at Amazon

How exactly is 200 Lux worth $55?


or almost any other flashlight including most toys would be brighter. Even the woot staff.

HF sells a whole variety of brighter ones with magnetic and hook options for under $10 everyday. Nothing here justifies $55 shipped. I think the decimal place is wrong?


I like turtles

This seemed way overpriced to me as well. Am I missing something?

100% agreed.
This is like 10+ year ago LED prices.
did tools.woot get sucked into a time vortex or something?

$50 flashlight? The sun is free and much brighter.

Bought this LED stick light off of Woot 7 years ago for $15: LED stick light.

One thing you need to know is that you have to maintain the batteries. I opened one of these when I first got it and it still works fine. I opened two others (I purchased several of them) years later and they will not work, even if plugged in. The batteries were stored too long, the voltage got too low and now will not work at all. Batteries are not replaceable.

Just bought my mechanic husband a 90 LED light for 55.00 shipped. This has 12 for the same price?! Lets all laugh together at woot!

The number of LEDs is meaningless. Much more important is the lumens it gives off. For some, lux is very important too.

This is the slimmest professional grade rechargeable LED that I’ve seen.

It’s also the most durable - check out this video of it being run over by an SUV multiple times… completely unfazed


As people have pointed out, this is WAY overpriced. For your $55 shipped, you get $5 worth of shipping, $5 worth of LED light stick, and $45 worth of marketing speak:

Which is it? 240 or 200? That’s a 20% difference! Also, that’s a 20W lightbulb spread over the length of whatever this thing is.

That’s pretty standard for Li-Poly batteries, and not a wise thing to put in the specs. If the stick really lasts 8h (= one working day), then it’ll be dead in less than two years of daily use.

Further, the battery has just under 9 Wh, so with an 8h battery life and 90% efficiency (let’s be generous), this is the equivalent of a 1W LED, which makes me wonder if the 240 lumens were a bit overstated.

This is standard technology, unless you want to start a fire. Li-Po batteries are extremely sensitive to correct charging protocol, and will fight back with pyrotechnical effects if mistreated.

Yes, we went over that. Either you put in charging protection, OR you take out liability insurance.

Maybe those are $20 each?

Here you go:

I bought one of these from my snap on dealer at work and I absolutely loved it for $80 in for 2really help out in tight spot very bright well work this price sorry others don’t think so

This is an extremely durable, super thin, crazy bright light, that is well worth the price. This in no way is comparable to the other cheap lights others are mentioning for $15. Read the amazon reviews from real users, not just people reading the spec sheet.