Ultra Soft Sueded Semi-fitted TShirt 3Pk

Ultra Soft Sueded Semi-fitted TShirt 3Pk

I got a set of these in early June. The fit was good and the fabric soft, but after a single washing the logo tagging the inside of the shirt has portions visible from the outside. I don’t think I’d recommend them.

I own about 20 of these. Personally love them. Fit nice, comfy as they get. I’m wearing one as I speak. Hold their color, I’ve had a couple with a loose thread or two but nothing major. Never had the problem the previous wooter had, but everyone has different experiences so don’t discount what he thought of the product. My experience has been good enough that I will buy more of these.

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I’ve found that for me, these seem to run short in length. I’m a bigger guy I have the problem where my gut will make a shirt raise up, and these just needed a couple more inches to negate that. I got XL.

I also have some of these. I’d say they are the nicest T-shirts i have ever owned. Holding up well. Use them primarily to sleep in, don’t want to get them dirty. I have other t-shirts for grubby stuff. I bought 2xl and find them roomy enough. I’m a chubby guy but not too tall so the length is fine for me. My wife cold water washes things. Throws everything together and no color bleed. My son bought same and used warm water and the red bled onto the white. You usually don’t have to separate in cold water, in warm you do.

I have bought many of these. The first comment is correct for the newer logo on the shirts. The old logo on my first set is a darker tone, smaller and not see through. The new logo looks like it does in the pictures and is see through and a tad larger.

That being said I am wearing one of these shirts now and I love them. Super soft, no pills yet, and after a year of constant wear I have not had more than a loose thread very rarely. Best cotton shirts I have ever had.

Black shirts have a slight lint issue where they do look a tad linty even with using dryer sheets or dryer balls. So my wife always wants to lint roll me yet I am not bothered by it.

Thanks for the input everyone. I picked up a pack. Do the colors match the pictures here pretty well? I couldn’t pass up the Heavy Metal, lol.

These are the best shirts. I’m a short stocky guy. They are super soft. I use the crew necks as undershirts with outfits and wear the v necks as stand alone. I liked the old label. But sometimes if I worked up a sweat I could feel the black material like sticking to the back of my neck. The new logo doesnt have that problem but honestly I want people to feel the softness of ethan Williams and know they are the best. I usually buy 30 at a time. Store them for a later date. Gotta get these shirts.

Received my first order of these a few days ago. My normal go-to t-shirts are polo brand, which are very nice and hold up well. These are just as soft and comfortable, but maybe slightly thinner. I can’t speak to longevity yet, but I like them well enough to buy two more packs. $10/shirt is a good price for a tshirt like this (assuming it holds up under repeated washings…see others wooters on that point).

As everyone has mentioned these shirts are extremely soft and have worn fairly well given how much I wear them. At $10 a shirt I dont think you can expect them to last forever but after about a year and a half so far so good. I just find the fit to be extremely comfortable. And for size comparison I am right around 6 foot one and the large fits perfectly. Plenty of length for me and sleeves are great as well. Buying another pack again today. Do wish I could put together my own color combinations for over time that is basically what I have done.

I can’t say on the burgundy or bright colors, but all others are very accurate except for navy, which looks much darker in person. The heavy metal looks exactly as pictured.

You won’t regret your purchase at all. I’ve been waiting for these to come back and I just stocked up big time.

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