Ultraloq Bluetooh Enabled Fingerprint Smart Lock

Is bluetooh like bluetoof?

Yes, let’s go with that.

Will this work with a deadbolt? Or possibly a mostly deadbolt?

Thank you for your interest in Ultraloq.

Although Ultraloq is a latch lock, according to our customer survey, more than 50% install Ultraloq on their front door.

Ultraloq doesn’€™t cover the deadbolt hole completely if you would like replace your existing deadbolt and knob / lever.

However, there is a quick solution. What most customers do is a swap - install Ultraloq on the top hole and put the existing deadbolt on the lower hole.

If there is no existing deadbolt or you want to remove your deadbolt, most of them will get this accessory in Lowes or Home Depot to cover the top or lower hole, depending on which hole you install Ultraloq.

There is an Amazon review for your information. This customer installed Ultraloq on the lower hole. You also have the option to install it on the top hole and put the plate on the lower hole.


Hope this helps!