Ultraloq Bluetooth/Fingerprint Smart Lock

Ultraloq Bluetooth/Fingerprint Smart Lock

Hey all. If you’re going to compare prices, make sure you look for the correct model. We’re selling the Bluetooth model - UL3-BT.

How many data point does the fingerprint reader use?

Had this exact model and it locked me and my kids out on a Sub-Zero day. Lucky the garage door was accessible. The handle would take the code and actuate the motor to engage the handle but it would not open. I disassembled it and found nothing obviously wrong. Put it back in the box and returned it.

I bought the non-bluetooth one years back, with the intention of putting it on the kitchen (garage entry) door.
What I found though (and this goes for almost all other models) is that the unit is too high to place on a (standard) door with a deadbolt. The number pad extends too far up, and interferes with the deadbolt housing.

For this reason (and possibly the one you quoted) and despite it saying that it’s got IP[something] rating. I wouldn’t really recommend these for outdoor placing where it gets cold or you have a deadbolt too.
For say, an office door (company HR, or home office) perhaps… but a homeowners entry door - I don’t think it works out.

I did end up finding some units that had both handle and deadbolt combined, but their reviews were pretty lousy and I skipped it - fingerprint door locks just don’t seem to be ‘there’…