Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt

This is only $126.99 on Amazon (without the wi-fi bridge option).

EDIT: Someone pointed out that the $126.99 version linked to on Amazon does not include the fingerprint scanner…

I have been looking for an electronic deadbolt for years but it boggles my mind why would you make electronic deadbolts with a hand knob on the inside where you as a thief or intruder can pop the glass open and undo the bolt manually. Manufacturers are crazy not to see this!!. Even in this example where the blue door has a gigantic glass … please tell me I am wrong! they never show a blind bolt…

There’s always a concern for fire safety for the occupants of a dwelling and having a method to easily unlock a deadbolt from the inside is important (especially when someone is panicked).

If you have any glass either in a door or just a large plate glass window that you are worried about you can apply this security window film to the glass. The glass will still break, but will stay together and make it much harder to get through. It sort of makes regular glass into laminated glass – like the windshield of your car.

As an addition to the deadbolts I’ve recently installed this device on the exterior doors in my own home. A modern take on the old chain door guard. Of course someone can still break the door glass and reach in, but they would have to know how to find this thing and also how to operate it (from the wrong side of the door).

One thing worth noting. I did use higher quality screws than those supplied. I used 3" stainless steel deck screws left over from a decking project.

I think that’s a slightly different model. The one on Amazon doesn’t appear t have fingerprint entry, if that matters to you. Or maybe I’m wrong.

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Yep. Sorry about that. It appears that the version Woot is selling is the “pro” model which has the fingerprint scanner. In fact, I can’t find the “pro” version listed on Amazon at all. Which is kinda odd…

The Ultraloq website store lists them at: U-Bolt Pro - $219.99, U-Bolt Pro with Wifi Bridge - $249.99

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I got one of these when they did the crowdfunding for it. It works really well. I only had a few issues with it but that was resolved with a firmware upgrade. The only quirky thing is the wi-fi bridge. The connection is not always great, but I seldom use the app. I got it primarily so that I would not need a key on my front door.

If I’m buying two (or more) and I want the Wi-Fi bridge, do I need to buy a separate bridge for each one (or does one bridge handle more than one lock)?

According to the FAQ on the developers website:

How many Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro can one Ultraloq Bridge support?
One Ultraloq Bridge is needed for each Ultraloq for best performance and stability.


Yes, unfortunately you need a bridge for each

That is a valid point. I appreciate your input. I still would like vendors leave the safety concern to me. In case of fire in need to jet out i always use my key which sits on top of every frame. Thank you again for your suggestion.

Outstanding! Easy integration with Alexa, fingerprint scanner is accurate and fast. Extra long bolt throw. I had to drill out the striker hole so it could lock all the way.