Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart Deadbolt

How reliable is the finger print feature? Also, does the lock unlock with bluetooth?

The video shows the lock working with bluetooth.
No clue about the finger print scanner, though I would worry about how easy/hard it would be to full the scanner by pulling using the fingerprint from the last read

I have this lock and love it. The fingerprint reader can take a bit to get used to. It used to take 3 reads before I would get in now I can unlock it on the 1st try about 80% of the time. I have the WiFi Bridge and I used it on a trip to let someone into my house to check on my dog. The Bluetooth works when I tested it but seldom use it. Another nice feature is if you use the numeric code you can hit a variety of random numbers along with your code and it will still open.

I have a lock similar to this one. How do you change the battery on this one. That’s the hardest part of mine. Also how many numbers per key code?

Hi there. There’s a linked installation and use guide in the specs.




Alexa and Google (and IFFFT?) integration, but not HomeKit, even with the bridge. Looks nice otherwise.

"Normal deadbolts can be picked, but in order to pick this lock you’d have to be like a robot or something "

Wrong. It comes with a key for “emergency” use and can be picked as fast as any ordinary deadbolt.

Some electronic locks can be defeated by simply holding a strong magnet up to it. That’s because they use a magnetic relay to trigger the opening, and magnetic relays can be activated by an external magnetic field. I hope this one is shielded from this attack.

Is there a recommended matching bottom handle if you have two locks like on the front door? I know the bottom does not need to lock but I also don’t want something mismatched because that would monkey with my “mild” OCD.

No offense Woot Monkeys


Can it NOT be connected to WiFi? I’d only use the keypad or Bluetooth at best.

Yes, it is shielded from that attack.

Yes, fingerprint, keypad and Bluetooth works without WiFi.

I use to have a kevo touch lock and it was terrible. However I bought one of these the last time woot had it on sale. After 2 months it still works flawlessly. The finger print scanner is quick ,1-2 seconds to recognize and unlock, and reliable. As is the bluetooth. I would highly recommend it. The only downside is for wifi you need the bridge and it’s one bridge per lock.