Ultraloq UL3-BT Bluetooth Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3-BT Bluetooth Smart Lock

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Does anyone know if this lock can use Alexa with a wireless bridge? And, if so, can this lock and the Bluetooth deadbolt use the same bridge or do they both need their own bridge?

You may want to ask Ultraloq that question. It’s a pretty specific use case.


The instructions say that it can use a bridge, with Alexa, I have no idea.

mothership has the bronze one for $5 more, fully returnable.


II purchased these awhile ago. Had difficulty seeing the keypad and the fingerprint rarely worked. I contacted the company and they had me send in mine so they could send me a new one with a brighter keypad. After a year sending emails and calling. I never received the new or they didn’t return my old one. So I paid 150 for something I don’t have and just got tired of trying to contact them after over a year. Ridiculous


Stay away from this company, UL3 lock clutch broke after 3 months of use the external handle would only work in one direction and then stopped working all together, company sent out parts to fix expected me to replace internal parts myself, which I did the the electronics stopped working, they sent out a complete new lock right out of the box internal / external handle would only work in one direction. Had to go buy a keyed lock. Every time.parts are sent they are shipped the slowest possible way while stuck with no lock.
Also have had issue with the bridge staying paired / connected after numerous phone calls and requests for videos they sent another bridge, but who knows if that’s the issue cuz I still dont have a working lock… now they want everything back before anything else is done. I’ve been lock less for almost a month now…
Just ridiculous!!!


I’m sorry for the disappointing experience with the lock. I don’t see where you bought it from us. But if you did, send our CS a note.