UltraMurals College Football Stadiums

Wah – you left out Autzen Stadium in Eugene, so no sale here.

They left out The Hill at Clemson which I imagine will offend alumni from there. I did not attend but leaving it out is like leaving out The Neck at LSU.

I was excited to see this I was going to buy one for myself and one for my father inlaw for xmas.

Then I looked and there was no TCF bank stadium (MN Golden Gophers) for myself or Kinnick (Iowa Hawkeyes) for my father in law.

[MOD EDIT] Let’s play nice :slight_smile:

The mural of Spartan Stadium must be at least two years old… Not showing the new renovations there…

I have better pictures of stadiums than these.

If I wanted a picture from a fan blown up and printed I’d take my own and print it. Usually spending the extra money on not doing this yourself is because the picture itself is something that is better / a shot you can’t normally take.

These pictures are quite simply… BAD.

They left out Georgia Tech too :frowning:

Hi! This is Matt from UltraMurals, I will be checking in on the message board over the next few days to help answer any questions. I am really excited that we can offer these canvases for sale on woot! They all look great printed out, the images selected have been popular sellers in the past and we have tried to capture the atmosphere of each stadium.

I apologize in advance if your favorite team is not available, there are so many great and popular teams and we could only list so many due to inventory constraints.

How do you leave out Doak Campbell, but put Miami in it (which doesn’t even have its own college football stadium)?

They are better pictures than the baseball stadium ones. There is no giant hairy guy holding up a cell phone featured in these.

I agree. Not only in the Penn State stadium white out including a picture of the visitors section, but it leaves out the student section, including the band. Seems like the student section and band should always be included.

Re: the lack of current photos, the Nebraska mural uses a photo from 2007, what appears to be the pre-game warm-up of an epic beat-down at the hands of USC that became the final nail in the coffin for a certain head coach. Uh, no thanks. I saw it in person.

No Florida State! :’(

Interesting choices for Miami & North Carolina. No fans in the stands.

While cool on some level, you can’t say “There’s no game today, but here’s a whirlybird!” and call it even. :wink:

Would be nice if you had done the Orange Bowl and not that POS Joe Robbie/Landshark/ProPlayer/Sunlife/Dolphin stadium the Canes are forced to play in these days…

USC is only Pac-12? No Oregon, no sale.

Where is North Dakota???

Above comments left by impossible to please whiners. I say Go Dawgs! and I’m in for Sanford Stadium.


Is the USC University of Southern CA, or University of South Carolina?

How can you leave out Bobby Dodd Stadium at Grant Field home of The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The oldest stadium in the FBS. See the famous Ramblin Wreck drive on the field! GO JACKETS!!!