UltraMurals College Football Stadiums

No Folsom field (Colorado)? Seriously? Even the d-bags at ESPN know that is one of the most picturesque stadiums in the world. I’d totally buy that one over the dozen or so graveyards pictured here.

I still hate this every time it comes up. How can you have Clemson’s Death Valley without showing the hill? I would buy it in a heartbeat if they used a better picture.

I would buy the Kyle field one if they showed a game that was sold out. No one wants to see those upper corner’s empty.

To whoever is the buyer for these murals,

This is your friendly reminder that every time you buy these things to sell on Woot, please inquire when all the stadium photographs were taken. This is not the first time that stadium murals such as these have gone on sale with SEVERLY OUTDATED pictures. My alma matter is one of the outdated ones that reflects 5+ years ago and there is one other than I see which is an older picture as well. Please, do your homework; getting hosed doesn’t look good!!!


Long time Wooter wishing Amazon would exit the picture like old times!

Likewise for mine. Looks to be from 2008.

Thanks for the feedback. I pass it on to the buyer.

Although, keep in mind that some people might want the picture of what it looked like the year they attended the college.

Hi this is Matt from Ultra Murals. We are excited to offer this sale again and as a huge college football fan myself I can tell you that these canvases look great. Football fans are passionate and I am sorry if I did not list your team or the particular image you would have liked, we could not get every school covered. At 40" across the images are BIG and vibrant and look great on your wall.

No Florida State…? Doak is absolutely iconic and not to mention noles are championship bound…

Absolutely agree. I’m an alumni there and there’s way more picturesque views.

How could you not have one of the most beautiful and scenic stadiums there is - University of Washington’s Husky Stadium?

No Rose Bowl, Seriously that’s a shame. I love the Rose Bowl and I love going to UCLA games.

Yep. Horrible photo choice.

At least there are people in your stadium. Miami’s is an aerial shot on a non-game day.

As someone who had a once-iconic stadium (Orange Bowl) that was torn down and now we use Dolphin/Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Land Shark/Sun Life Stadium, I’d take an old picture of the Orange Bowl any day.

I bought one of the baseball ones last time these came up…the quality is great and it does look good on the wall. However, the pictures are very dated and I’m pretty confident whoever took the pictures had no clue what fans would be looking for in the view.

No Reser Stadium (no surprise) or I’d still buy one as it’d look great in my office, dated or not.

Thanks for the kind words regarding the quality, these football ones look even better for the most part. Not all of the pictures are dated but some of them do go back several years. There are a lot of images so that does vary somewhat. Most of the time that is of no issue as the stadiums are the same but should anyone have specific questions just message me and I will provide you with any data I may have regarding the date of the image.

So you have Clemson and Georgia but no South Carolina? 'Sup with that?

Nice! I might have to buy LSU.


…or as we like to say in Ohio, GO BLOW :wink: