UltraMurals: Panoramic Photography

Forget the murals: where can I get those couches!

Where is the Glacier Valley located?

Where can i get the wall shelf??

How can I find out how much these murals weigh?

Where can I get that photograph?

Well, that didn’t work according to the instructions on this site and then it wouldn’t even let me delete it. :o(

Hi this is Matt from Ultra Murals. The “Glacier Valley” photograph is from Glacier National Park in Montana. I believe that is Alpine Lake in the image.

The murals weigh about 6 lbs. They are stretched over 1.5" thick wooden stretcher bars (not composite) which gives them their weight.

Has anyone bought one of these? I bought something similar - different company - and the photo was just stretched from a normal aspect ratio, resulting in a washed out pic that didn’t look anything like their online picture. Don’t want to make that mistake again.

NOTE: this was from a DIFFERENT company! Asking for review of THIS one.Thx

I bought the Arches National Park canvas about 6 months ago for about 10% less and I love it. The colors are true and it’s built well in my opinion.

Looks like someone already helped out with this but I would like to add that each of these images is a true hi-resolution panoramic photograph and we do not alter or stretch the aspect ratio in any way.

Did anyone’s order get messed up? I received 1/2 pieces I ordered and apparently the other got shipped to the other side of the country…

Sorry to hear that you only received half of your order.

If you haven’t already, please email into support@woot.com and let them know what you’re experiencing.

I’ve submitted a couple of ‘I need help’ requests through the site and haven’t had any contact from Woot. I’ll try emailing directly.