UltraMurals: Panoramic Photography

Wooted two of these a little over a month ago. One ended up being the first Woot item I’ve ever had to return and the other (Toroweap) ended up getting donated to Goodwill.

I have a thing about hanging pictures on my walls… they have to be of places I’ve been to.

And this woot just made me realize, there’s a lot of places I haven’t been to. :frowning:

Why did you have to return it? Is it poor quality?

I ordered Grand Canyon Toroweap and Saguaro Park for a Southwest themed room and received Toroweap and a scratched Java Buddhist temple canvas which was returned. The quality was fine. I just didn’t like the pseudo-impressionist look of the Grand Canyon image by itself so it didn’t last long on my wall.

Hi this is Matt from UltraMurals. We are excited to offer these canvases through woot! and I will be checking the message board to answer any questions you may have. The canvases are big and vibrant at 4 feet wide and look great on the wall. All the images are actual photographs and the canvases are all hand-stretched and gallery wrapped for a high quality presentation.

I’m very sorry to hear about the damaged canvas, we wrap each one with foam and have custom fit boxes to ensure they are not damaged. Unfortunately because they are large on rare occasion they may take a bump on the way the customer. If this ever happens we are sure to get a replacement sent out immediately.

I’d be in if you had a mural of Augusta or Pebble Beach.

PS for Woot Staff: My Dec 12 order (4717****) for a five light chandelier in which you sent a 12 light chandelier) has never been resolved.

[MOD EDIT: Removed order number;privacy]

The Chicago Panoramas are old photos. They don’t have the Trump Tower.

Hi Matt…this isn’t about your product directly but can you identify where you sourced the white wall shelf that is shown under the mural in the photo?

I wish I could tell you but we did not stage that shot. You would have to find that out from woot!

Sigh…Still no Toronto.
I guess i’ll continue patiently waiting.

Purple water / Pink sky Boston? Nah, not into ultra-filtered or photo-shopped images, thanks.

Would also be better if the wrapped edges did not repeat that which is on the front.

It’d be cool to have Mount Rainier as one of the images available here…

No Jelleystone National Park----really—

Sorry we could not list every option, we had another Boston image listed in the past ( http://www.woot.com/offers/boston-day ) and it was not as popular an item as the one we put in this sale. I appreciate the feedback though and we are always working to provide customers with selections and styles that they want.

We have a Mount Rainier option we have offered in the past and we hope to be able to offer that again in the future.

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from your email inquiry.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry along to Woot Member Services.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue.

It’d be nice to see the product before buying it. There are no product photos on any of these listings. A 3D rendering is not the same as a photo of the actual art, after it’s been printed onto a canvas, so you can see how well it looks printed and what the canvas you’re buying looks like.

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